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Alla ska kunna starta, driva och växa med sitt företag. Finansiering är en förutsättning och utmaning för många företagare.
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Charlotte von Sydow, VD, Visma Spcs
Charlotte von Sydow profilbild
How it works

Quick, smart and on your terms

A fair price in minutes

Get a free offer by answering a couple of quick questions about your company. If you connect your business system, you can get an even better offer.

Personalized offers

Say goodbye to unfair pricing, lock-ins and confusing terms. Thanks to real-time data, even companies with weaker historic data can get access to flexible financing.

Up and running within 24 hours

When an application is approved, we pay out right away. In most cases, that means money in your account as soon as the same day. You always decide the personal guarantor.

Three ways of financing your business

Most popular

Invoice discounting

0,7-3,4% per 30 days
Business Loan


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